Meet George: former teacher, current attorney and business consultant, volunteer firefighter 

Pam and I are proud to call Jefferson County home. We love spending time with our family here, with four generations of Sterns living in the area. We cherish the region's beautiful parks, trails, and mountains. And more than anything, this is our home because of its strong sense of community - the warmth of the people, the small-town feel with big-city energy, and the sense that we're all looking out for one another. It's a community I'd be honored to serve.

I was initially drawn into public service because, growing up, I realized the impact that schools had on shaping my life – and giving me opportunities. So when I graduated from college, I became a public high school teacher (and baseball coach!) in Colorado. Every day, I taught my ninth and tenth graders to work hard, work with others, and stay persistent. In turn, I was inspired by their desire to succeed despite any obstacles. 

But I also grew disheartened as I heard my students talk about how government had failed them. "Voting doesn't matter," they'd tell me. "Nothing changes. Government doesn't work."

I loved what I did, and I swore I'd never leave teaching. But I was determined to work to improve the systems that had let my students down. So I made the difficult decision to leave the classroom and go to law school. There, I studied voting rights and policy implementation, and worked on election protection issues. I also had the chance to work in the Obama White House on health care, veterans issues, and government ethics - and for Governor Hickenlooper on everything from marijuana regulation to marriage equality and government accountability.

When I graduated, I wanted to learn more about how successful organizations function so I could bring those skills back to the public sector. I became a business consultant, working with executives at both Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses in the health care, aerospace, and travel industries to help them improve their strategies and operations. 

It's all of these experiences that I will bring with me to the Clerk and Recorder's office. I understand how government works – and how it doesn't. I understand how to help organizations run more effectively. And I know the impact that government, when it gets things right, can have on someone's life. I am excited to bring my perspective from both the public and private sector – as a teacher, attorney, and business consultant – to local government here in Jefferson County. 

Pam and I love this community because it's a community in the truest sense of the word: everybody pitches in to make life better for their neighbors. In addition to being a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Golden Chamber of Commerce, I'm honored to give back as a volunteer firefighter. Pam serves with Jefferson County Open Space and on Golden’s Parks and Recreation advisory board. 

As I said, we're proud to call Jefferson County our home. And I am ready to work hard to make sure everyone in Jefferson County has a reason to be proud of their government.

I invite you to read more about my vision for the office.