Modern and innovative local government

I'm running for Clerk because local government has never been more important than it is today, given the partisanship and gridlock at higher levels of government. And the Clerk's office is the perfect place to make sure local government is working for everyone, because it oversees areas that impact everyone, including our elections and county DMV offices.

Given how public facing this office is, I think it's critical that we work to modernize and innovate in the Clerk's office so that local government is better serving the people of Jefferson County every day. Here's what that means:


A modern and innovative Clerk's office means a 21st-century DMV where you rarely need to come in and wait in line because you can do almost everything from a 24-hour kiosk at the grocery store, or better yet, from your computer or phone while sitting on your couch. I'm proud of my work as a business consultant helping Fortune 500 companies and small businesses improve their strategies and operations, and I'm excited to bring that experience to modernizing the DMV.


A modern and innovative Clerk's office also means updating our election security to protect against 21st-century threats, like Russian interference. I've served as an attorney in the public sector, working side-by-side with tech security experts on election protection issues, and I'm eager to bring that knowledge to our all-important elections here in Jefferson County. I will also work to make election information more readily available to voters, and to make voting itself even easier - using data to determine the most convenient drop box locations, and mobile voter centers to meet voters where they are: at events, festivals, campuses, etc.